Choosing the Right Bed Size for Your Bedroom

July 24th, 2015


Choosing the Right Bed Size for Your Bedroom

Since a bed is the most important component of a bedroom, it’s important that you spend a bit of time selecting the perfect model when shopping for furniture at your local consignment store. To select the right bed size for the space, begin by measuring the bedroom and determining how much of the room you would like to devote to the bed. Be sure to open any closet doors to ensure that they will not be inaccessible once the bed is installed in the room. As a general rule of thumb, try to match beds according to room size as well as the size of the sleepers. Children require less space and should therefore sleep in smaller beds.

If you are a couple, don’t forget to buy furniture that will accommodate both of you and your individual measurements. Experts agree that 30 inches is typically enough when it comes to sleeping space requirements for the average adult. For even more tips and guidelines to consider when it comes to picking a bed, talk to the experts at the Home Consignment Center. To find out how we can help you buy furniture, consign furniture, and sell furniture, give us a call today at (925) 272-0067.

The Latest Home Office Design Trend

July 16th, 2015

The Latest Home Office Design Trend

It goes without saying that working from home provides you with countless freedoms that you might not experience while working in an office building. One such freedom is the option of decorating your work space according to your own personal taste and trendsetting ways. This makes buying furniture from your local consignment store not only easy but also fun. Let’s explore some of the latest home office design trends.

A Separate Space

One of the biggest trends that architects and interior designers are seeing these days when it comes to home offices is the addition of a detached office to a home. Many at-home workers are opting to put a bit of space between themselves and the home in order to eliminate distractions. If you have extra space on your property and the budget to built a detached office, then you may want to consider doing so for the sake of your work’s progress as well as the eventual resale value of your home.

Multifunctional Office and Bedroom

Just because detached offices are popping up as the new big trend in home office design doesn’t mean you have to commit to such a major renovation. Another equally as in-demand trend is the creation of a multifunctional space that serves as both an office and a bedroom, game room, or library. To create this space more effortlessly, it is important to buy furniture that is also multipurpose, such as desks that offer a lot of storage or a hideaway bed that doubles as a cabinet.

 Classic Furnishings and Accessories

While some designers are encouraging home office owners to go bold with their color choices, the vast majority are recommending that home office décor remain classic so that it retains its attractiveness for years to come. It’s also wise to buy furniture that is classic in style since it offers very few distractions and enhances productivity in the work space.

Are you preparing to make over your home office? If so, then be sure to visit one of the six Home Consignment Center locations in the Bay Area. To find out more about the beautiful office furniture that we carry, call us today at (925) 272-0067.

Consignment Shopping for Beginners

July 13th, 2015

Consignment Shopping for Beginners

Are you new to the world of consignment shopping? If so, then you may not yet be familiar with the countless benefits that come from buying furniture or jewelry from your local Bay Area consignment store. Here is our helpful guide to consignment shopping for beginners.

Differences from One Consignment Store to Another

An important point to establish early on when it comes to outlining consignment shopping to a beginner is that no two stores are alike, thanks to the process by which they buy furniture or jewelry. In order to make sure that you won’t be wasting your time—or money—when visiting a consignment shop, look for stores that have a solid reputation and many locations around town. Be sure to also inspect the quality of items while you browse, since standards vary from buyer to buyer.

 Economic and Environmental Benefits

Consignment shopping revolves around the concept of a customer selling furniture or jewelry to the store and eventually receiving a percentage of the profit once that item is purchased by a second customer. This process offers tremendous benefits to the environment, lowering the carbon footprint of both seller and buyer. It also offers fabulous financial savings to those who buy furniture from a consignment shop.

 Strategies for Finding Fabulous Items

If you’re on the hunt for something specific, then don’t be shy about calling a store that consigns furniture before visiting them. Be sure to also ask when stores are most likely to put out merchandise so that you can be the first to see new items. If you find something you love, don’t hesitate in buying it since successful consignment stores have a high turnaround rate for furniture and other items.

 If you’re curious to learn more about how you can buy furniture or consign furniture at the Home Consignment Center, then visit one of our six Bay Area locations today. We also consign jewelry and have a large collection of engagement rings, luxury watches, and heirloom jewelry for you to explore. Call us today at (925) 272-0067 to find out how buying from a consignment store can help you boost the look of your home and your jewelry box.

Choosing Colors for Your Home Décor

July 2nd, 2015

Living room with contemporary furniture and decor.

Colors are just as important as furniture and accessories when you are trying to build a cohesive home décor. If you want to create a personal interior design for your space, it is important to pay attention to the colors you use. Keep reading for some tips on how to choose color for your décor:

Start off your decorating process by thinking about your favorite colors and whether or not they will work when translated onto a larger scale. Think about how different shades complement each other and how others contrast with each other to decide on a scheme that achieves your ideal aesthetic. If there are some items that you want to keep for your new décor, think about their colors and consider finding other items with similar hues.

No matter what kinds of colors you want to add to your décor, Home Consignment Center has fabulous furniture and accessories in a variety of hues and shades. With some of the best used furniture options in Austin, we make it easy to find furniture that works with your budget. To learn more about our furniture and consignment services, call (925) 309-7231.

Furniture Placement Tips

June 25th, 2015


elegant living room featuring a dramatic fireplace.

The way you place your furniture affects the function of your space as a whole and changes the way your décor feels. If you are in the market for new pieces, it is important to find the right placement for them. Use the following tips to optimize your furniture placement:


Before you decide where you should put your furnishings, it is important to take measurements so you know your spatial restrictions before you move any furniture. Create a unique visual appeal by mixing and matching furniture and accessories of different sizes. Try to create balance among your pieces by grouping together furniture on a similar scale. If you have a larger space, you should consider using the furniture to create separate areas.


No matter how you choose to place your furniture, Home Consignment Center has one of the best selections of gently used pieces in all of Austin. Come in today to find pieces that provide style and function for your interior design. We also have consignment services that make it easy to sell your unwanted furniture. To learn more, visit us online or call (925) 309-7231.

Tips for a One-of-a-Kind Home Décor

June 18th, 2015


Spacious bedroom with beamed wooden ceiling

When shopping for furniture and accessories with which to create a home décor, you should focus your search on pieces that reflect your personality. If you want your interior design to be unlike any other, you should find pieces that complement your personal aesthetic. Use the following tips to choose decorative features that give you a completely unique home décor:

Do Not Stick to One Style

Mixing and matching furniture styles helps you create a distinctly unique foundation onto which you can add fun and stylish accessories. Do not limit yourself to one style of furniture while you shop. Instead, you should choose any piece that catches your eye. Let your creative vision wander freely as you browse through the consignment furniture store and buy pieces from a wide variety of genres.

Connect Pieces through Color and Pattern

If you are choosing furniture from a few different décor styles, you can tie them together with color and pattern. Determine the color scheme that you want for your space and choose furniture and accessories that encompass it in some format. When you decorate according to color and pattern, you can find pieces that no one else has to start building your unique décor.

Shop at Stores with a Bigger Selection

Instead of shopping at a large chain store that carries the same pieces throughout the country, focus your search on places like consignment stores that always have a new selection of one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that you can use to create your unique décor. When you always have access to new great furniture and accessory finds, it is easy to create any kind of interior design.

Home Consignment Center is constantly getting new furniture and accessories that can work together to build your dream décor. If you want to find unique pieces for your home design in Austin, we can help. Come in today to start shopping for consignment furniture that can transform your interior design. To learn more about our products and services, visit us online or call (925) 309-7231.

Advantages of Selling Your Items Through a Consignment Store

June 12th, 2015

Advantages of Selling Your Items Through a Consignment Store

The consignment store makes it easier than ever to sell your unwanted belongings to clear out some space and earn some extra money. If you are planning to sell some items, keep reading to find out why you should do it through the consignment store:

You Do Not Have to Make Online Ads

Creating an online ad takes time and energy that you might not have. Instead of spending a lot of time checking emails to find a reputable buyer, you can take your belongings to the consignment store and let them handle selling it. This reduces the amount of effort that you need to make to ensure that your belongings are sold for the price that you want.

You Do Not Have to Have Strange People in Your House

Another disadvantage of selling items on your own is the need to have strangers come into your home to look at the item. If you sell it through a consignment store, though, the item sits in the store as their patrons browse through their selections. This also ensures that you get more traffic passing your item, which can help you sell it quickly.

You Can Take Advantage of their Advertising

A large company like a consignment store puts a lot of money into advertising. When you sell your item in their store, you can take advantage of this advertising without having to pay to get it. They can market to a wider range of people than you could with an online ad, which helps you find the right buyer for your items.

Home Consignment Center offers some of the best consignment services for jewelry and furniture in Austin. If you are looking to sell some of your belongings, we can do it for you to ensure that it sells quickly and as close to your asking price as possible. We also have a great selection of items for sale so you can enhance your personal jewelry and furniture selection. Call (925) 309-7231 to learn more about our services.

Choosing Furniture for Your Living Room

June 4th, 2015

Modern interiors,living-room with the modern furniture

The living room should be one of the most welcoming rooms of your home. If you want to create a stylish and livable living room design, you have to start by choosing the right furniture. Keep reading for some tips on shopping for the perfect pieces for your ideal living room:

Buy Sizes that Work with Your Space

One of the biggest decorating mistakes that homeowners make is choosing furniture that does not fit the scale of the room. Take detailed measurements of the living room so you have a good idea of the canvas with which you are working. If you have a large, open living room, you might want to create a few different furniture sections that make the room feel more welcoming. If you have a small living room, though, you should choose smaller pieces that do not overpower the space.

Decide on a Focal Point

It can seem overpowering to design an entire living room décor, but if you break the project up into sections, it becomes much more manageable. Choose a piece that you love to serve as a focal point and design around it. Whether this piece is a fabulous sofa or a beautiful and unique coffee table, this one anchor piece makes it much easier to decide on other pieces that bring the entire room together.

Create Plenty of Seating

It is important to incorporate a few different seating options to make your living room as comfortable as possible. Start with a sofa or a sectional and add onto it with a loveseat and an accent chair. Whether you have a large or a small living room, adding a few different kinds of furniture for seating gives you a stylish and functional living room design.

Whether you want to replace one piece of living room furniture or redesign the whole room, Home Consignment Center has what you need to do it right. Our Newport Beach location always has great new pieces in our inventory to help you find what you want. Call (949) 250-0326 to learn more.

Understanding the Meaning of Consignment

May 28th, 2015

woman doing shopping at the jewellery store and paying by credit card

The consignment store offers plenty of opportunities to buy and to sell great pieces of jewelry and furniture. Before you take advantage of these convenient services, use this guide to learn more about what consignment truly means:

When you consign something, you leave it in someone else’s possession so they can sell it on your behalf. Once the consignment store finds a buyer for your items, you owe them a percentage of the earnings. Consignment shops usually agree to try to sell your belongings for a specific amount of time. If they cannot do it, they will return the items to you. When you sell something through a consignment store, you do not have to worry about allowing strangers into your home.

Come to Home Consignment Center in Yorba Linda to enjoy your first consignment experience. We consign jewelry and furniture to make it easier to sell your belongings. To learn more about our consignment services, visit us online or call (714) 637-1992.

Selling Your Furniture? Follow These Steps First!

May 21st, 2015

The consignment store gives you an easy way to sell furniture that no longer fits with your lifestyle. If you are ready to overhaul your current décor, use the following steps to figure out the best way to sell your furniture as quickly and painlessly as possible:


Close Up Of Man Carrying Sofa As He Moves Into New Home

Decide What You Want to Sell

Start off the selling process by taking stock of your personal furniture inventory and deciding what you no longer want. Once you have decided which pieces you want to sell, you should look them over carefully to ensure that they do not have any rips, scratches, or other signs of damage. If they are damaged, you should consider fixing them before you try to sell them so you get the best price.

Clean It Up

Prepare your furniture for its time in the consignment store by cleaning it to get it into top condition. If your furniture looks nice, it will be more likely to sell. Vacuum the upholstery to get rid of dirt, dust, and hair that might ruin its aesthetic appeal. Dust wood to return its original shine. Once you clean your furniture, you can find the perfect store in which to sell it.

Choose the Right Consignment Store

The most important step of selling your furniture is to find the right consignment store to sell it for you. You should look for a store that gets plenty of traffic so there is a higher chance of finding a buyer for your pieces. Bigger stores also have impressive advertising budgets, which help you ensure that more people will look at your items. Choosing the right store is the best way to get your furniture to sell fast.

When it comes to buying and selling furniture in the Austin area, no one does it better than Home Consignment Center. We bring you the consignment services you need to sell your items without hassle. To learn more about our consignment services or our locations, visit us online or call (925) 309-7231.