Shop at The Home Consignment Center If You Are Thinking About Upgrading or Replacing Your Furniture!

New furniture is a great way to give your home a style makeover. Unfortunately, shopping at traditional furniture stores may leave you settling for items you don’t love and spending much more than you wanted! You can avoid this and enjoy a better shopping experience by visiting the Home Consignment Center. We are the best choice in furniture for a number of reasons:

  • We Have Great Prices

The right furnishings can create a comfortable and inviting space, but you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune just to turn your house into a home. You can avoid the high prices of department stores by shopping at the Home Consignment Center. All of our items are priced as used items—even our brand-new selections. This means you can get the best deals on your favorite pieces.

  • We Offer a Fabulous Selection

Are you tired of seeing the same pieces at every store you visit? This won’t happen when you visit us, because we have a constantly changing selection of furniture and accessories. We get new pieces every day from many sources, such as residential sellers, model homes, and other furniture stores. If you don’t find anything you like today, come back tomorrow and we will likely have something you will love.

  • We Will Hold Items for 24 Hours

It isn’t always easy to make a decision about your home’s décor right away. That is why the Home Consignment Center offers 24-hour holding periods for our furniture. If you find a piece that you think will work with your home, but need to check on measurements or other details, you can put it on hold and retrieve it the next day.

  • We Provide a 24-Hour Test Period

Have you ever purchased a piece of furniture only to find that it didn’t work with your home’s size or style? We offer 24-hour test drive periods, allowing you to test out new purchases before making a final decision.

These are just some of the many reasons to shop at the Home Consignment Center in Calabasas. Learn more about the advantages of furniture shopping with us by calling today at (818) 880-8331.

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