The Home Consignment Center Gives 3 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Home


Your home says a lot about who you are as a person. Take advantage of your living space by using your furniture and home décor to express your individuality and unique style. For some decorating inspiration, here are a few fun and distinctive ways you can add personality to your space:

Include Interesting Art

Art provides limitless options, so get creative with how you use it in your home. Build your living room around a large framed photograph, painting, poster, or sculpture that appeals to your senses and complements your home décor. Explore consignment shops to discover noteworthy pieces that are sure to visually invigorate your space.

Choose Eclectic Furniture

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles! A vintage couch can complement an antique table and a modern lamp. It helps if there is a color or shared finish that brings all of the pieces together. However, a sense of coherence does not necessarily depend on any common aesthetic value, so feel free to play around with whatever pieces catch your eye.

Use Unusual Objects

Depending on your interests, you can take objects that you would not regularly find in a living space and use them for decoration or a functional purpose. For example, a surfboard could be used as a coffee table, a canoe could be ceiling décor, or a painting easel could serve as a television stand. Each of these objects inspires fun conversations and makes your space a personal environment.

Finding unique ways to decorate your home is easy when you shop at the Home Consignment Center. Our interesting selection of consignment objects is sure to inspire creative and stylish interior design choices. Stop into one of our six Southern California locations today, or call us at our Yorba Linda location at (714) 637-1192 for more information.







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