The Home Consignment Center Gives Tips for Decorating Your Loft


Loft living is both unique and contemporary, but it can also create some decorating challenges. Without proper planning, it can be difficult to seamlessly organize this space and create a cozy living environment. The best way to start decorating your loft is by walking around and deciding where you should have your living area, sleeping space, and dining room.

Once you decide on your loft layout, you can keep track of your decorating process by making a map. An essential part of loft decorating is using key furniture pieces like bookshelves and desks to create room dividers. This preserves the open feel of the loft while creating unique spaces in each area. Separating the different spaces of your loft also makes it easier to use colors and designs throughout your space.

Whether you’re looking to purchase items or you’re interested in furniture consignment, the Home Consignment Center can help. Call (714) 637-1992 to speak with the friendly staff at our Yorba Linda location.



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