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Tips for a One-of-a-Kind Home Décor

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

When shopping for furniture and accessories with which to create a home décor, you should focus your search on pieces that reflect your personality. If you want your interior design to be unlike any other, you should find pieces that complement your personal aesthetic. Use the following tips to choose decorative features that give you a completely unique home décor:

Do Not Stick to One Style

Mixing and matching furniture styles helps you create a distinctly unique foundation onto which you can add fun and stylish accessories. Do not limit yourself to one style of furniture while you shop. Instead, you should choose any piece that catches your eye. Let your creative vision wander freely as you browse through the consignment furniture store and buy pieces from a wide variety of genres.

Connect Pieces through Color and Pattern

If you are choosing furniture from a few different décor styles, you can tie them together with color and pattern. Determine the color scheme that you want for your space and choose furniture and accessories that encompass it in some format. When you decorate according to color and pattern, you can find pieces that no one else has to start building your unique décor.

Shop at Stores with a Bigger Selection

Instead of shopping at a large chain store that carries the same pieces throughout the country, focus your search on places like consignment stores that always have a new selection of one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that you can use to create your unique décor. When you always have access to new great furniture and accessory finds, it is easy to create any kind of interior design.

Spacious bedroom with beamed wooden ceiling

Home Consignment Center is constantly getting new furniture and accessories that can work together to build your dream décor. If you want to find unique pieces for your home design in Austin, we can help. Come in today to start shopping for consignment furniture that can transform your interior design. To learn more about our products and services, visit us online or call (925) 309-7231.

Essential Elements for a Contemporary Living Room

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Essential Elements for a Contemporary Living Room

Whether you are moving into a new house or you are looking to redecorate your current home, the living room is the center of activity and should be decorated as such. You can spruce up your old or outdated décor by shopping at a consignment store for unique, contemporary furniture. Even if your decorating style is eclectic or retro, there are still a few elements you’ll need for a contemporary look. Keep reading to learn what the essential elements are for a contemporary living room.

Comfortable Seating

In the past, the living room was a more formal area used mostly for entertaining guests or on special occasions. That has changed in today’s modern times, however, and living rooms are becoming more and more usable and welcoming. In order to make your living room inviting, you’ll need to find comfortable seating for you, your family, and your guests. Start with a larger piece of furniture such as a couch or sofa, and create a plan around that. You can add a loveseat if you have space, or a few side chairs and ottomans for a versatile and movable seating arrangement.


If you’re planning on using your living room a fair amount, it’s a good idea to have storage set up to avoid excessive clutter. Check at your local consignment store for a coffee table with drawers where you can store your remotes, or look for a bookshelf that can hold your favorite novels as well as a few knick-knacks. When everything has a designated place, you can easily clean up your space when you have a surprise guest come over.


Your living room won’t be of much use to you if you have to squint to see the book you’re reading. Even if you have overhead lighting, think about acquiring a few lamps on consignment to give the room a warm, cozy glow.

Home Consignment Center of Austin has everything you need to design the contemporary living room of your dreams. Call us at (512) 686-4763 or visit one of our two locations to see our current inventory for yourself. We’ll help you bring your living room into the 21st century.

The Home Consignment Center Describes Essential Furniture Pieces for Your First Apartment

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

Home interior - livingroom

Buying furniture for your first apartment is the first step toward making it feel like home. When purchasing these new pieces, you should start small and focus on the must-haves. As long as you have the following pieces, you can eventually build a completely furnished space:

A Great Bed

If you want to sleep in your new apartment, you have to get a bed as soon as possible. Take some time finding a quality mattress and bed frame that is comfortable and supportive. You should also take detailed measurements to ensure that you choose a bed that really works with the space you have available.

A Comfy Couch

A sofa serves as the foundation for your living room design. It can also serve as your home office or dining room table before you stock up on other kinds of furniture. Once again, it is important to find a couch that complements the space around it. Choose a color around which you can implement an aesthetically appealing décor. Your apartment will seem much more together once you add this essential piece of furniture.

A Small Table

Add a small dining table to your interior design as soon as you can to create a comfortable place to sit and eat. Once you have a dining table, you can invite others over for a meal and a tour of your great new space. A smaller piece with two-four chairs is generally the best option for an apartment, but it depends on the amount of square footage in your residence.

When you are ready to shop for great pieces, the Home Consignment Center in Austin is here to help. Our selection of consignment furniture offers new and gently-used options at unbeatable prices. With two locations full of quality pieces, we make it easy to furnish your space. Call (512) 346-2900 to learn more.

The Home Consignment Center Gives The Latest Interior Design Trends in 2013

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

Antique Drawer Pull

Does your interior décor leave something to be desired? As you look around your home, think about when you purchased your furniture and accessories. If your couch is looking a little tired or that loveseat is a bit threadbare, now is the perfect time to update your home and buy new furniture. There are many design trends this year that can work with your existing décor, and all it takes is a trip to a consignment store to get the freshest looks in home design.


If you have always shied away from any metallic accents in your interior design, consider sprucing up your space with brass accessories and brass-accented furniture. Brass is timeless and classy, and adds an element of elegance without going overboard or being gaudy. Adding a sofa with brass feet can be a stylish and subtle way to update your interior design for 2013.


Your living room furniture isn’t the only important part of your home décor. Remember that what you hang on your walls can greatly affect the overall feel of your space. Choose pieces that are size-appropriate for the room and are in proportion with your other decorations. Stay on-trend by grouping smaller frames together for a unified look, or let a larger piece stand alone as a point of interest. You can find affordable art at consignment stores and swap out your wall decorations every season!

Upscale Rec Rooms

Many people think of rec rooms as the place to shove older, worn-out furniture, rugs, and electronics. For this year, think about giving your rec room a design boost by adding affordable furniture you find at a consignment shop. If you improve the aesthetic of your rec room, you’ll have another place to entertain guests and will be able to host your very own game night!

You can find many of the hottest interior design trends for your home when you shop at the Home Consignment Center. Call us at (925) 272-0067 to learn about our current inventory of furniture and accessories, or visit one of our five Bay Area locations today!



Interior Design Tips: Successfully Decorating an Eclectic Family Room

Friday, September 13th, 2013

Interior Design Tips Successfully Decorating an Eclectic Family Room

One of the biggest trends currently filling the pages of interior design magazines is the use of varying styles in a room to create an intriguing and unique environment. If you are a fashion-forward homeowner who would like to jump on board with this trend, there are some basic concepts you should learn before you buy furniture and coordinate your décor. Here are some tips for successfully decorating an eclectic family room:

Use a Rug as an Anchor Piece

An easy way to begin decorating any room in an eclectic style is to purchase one large item to set the tone. Buying a bold area rug from your local consignment furniture store is a great step to take, as you can use the carpet as a base for further purchases. For example, a sophisticated Persian rug placed in the center of the room could be accessorized with a contemporary sofa and traditional coffee table to create a look that is modern and functional.

Add Color with Pillows

After you buy furniture for the family room, add some drama to the space by purchasing pillows in bold colors and prints. A neutral leather or upholstered sofa can come to life when adorned with contemporary pillows in shades like coral, turquoise, or magenta. Another hot trend is to add texture to a family room by picking pillows with ruffles and beading.

Vary Your Lighting Style

Whether you’re a fan of traditional chandeliers or modern floor lamps, you won’t have to make up your mind one way or the other when it comes to choosing a lighting style for the family room. Eclectic living rooms can be illuminated with help from a variety of different lights that span styles as diverse as rustic country to mid-century modern.

If you are ready to begin the process of redecorating your family room, come visit the Home Consignment Center. Our Bay Area stores are the perfect place to buy and consign furniture that embodies contemporary and on-trend styles. Call us at (925) 272-4318 to learn more about the benefits of doing business at a high-end consignment store.