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Why Your Bedroom Needs a Nightstand

Friday, December 19th, 2014

Why Your Bedroom Needs a Nightstand

One of the most overlooked items when people buy furniture for their bedrooms is the nightstand. This underrated piece of furniture really does deserve a moment in the spotlight, though. While you may not feel it’s an essential piece to own, once you have one you’ll wonder how you ever called your bedroom complete without it! Here’s why:

Nightstands are Convenient

Do you like to read at night before drifting off to sleep? Do you ever find yourself totally comfortable except for that sudden urge for a sip of water? Do you wish you could charge your phone and still have it at arm’s reach during the night? Then you need a nightstand! Nightstands are perfect for holding all of these items and more at a convenient distance from you so that you don’t have to put your feet back on the floor until morning.

Nightstands Complete Your Look

Nightstands have a way of tying a room together to create a complete, cohesive look and feel. Determine what style fits your bedroom best before you go to buy furniture, and make sure you measure your bed to see what height will work best for you. Just be careful not to purchase one that’s too deep, lest you find yourself bumping into it when getting out of bed.

Nightstands are Functional

If you choose a nightstand that has one or more drawers, shelves, or cabinet doors, you will have instantly created extra storage space in your room. Figure out which items need a home in your room, as well as which items you’d like to have nearest to you at night, then purchase a nightstand that can serve the purpose. It will be an investment you won’t soon regret.

When you visit us at Home Consignment Center, you can buy furniture of all types for every room in your home, or you can consign furniture when you’re ready to update, or both! Stop by one of our locations today to see our selection, shop online, or give us a call at (925) 272-0067 for more information.

Let The Home Consignment Center Assist with Personalizing Your Home with Wall Décor

Friday, January 24th, 2014

Personalize Your Home with Wall Décor

Add some of your unique personality to your current interior design with wall décor that really represents who you are. The right pieces transform a generic space into your home. These tips will help you find wall hangings that allow you to display your personality proudly throughout your home:

Let Your Artistic Side Out

Art is always a great accessory to use for a home décor and it gives you an easy way to show the world your personality. Browse through local furniture stores until you find some art pieces that really catch your eye. When you have amassed a good amount of pieces, you can start to figure out the best place for them in your home.

Use Stylish Frames

Whether you are looking for the perfect frame with which to showcase one of your favorite pictures or want to use a frame in a more creative facet, this wall accessory instantly personalizes a room. Hang your jewelry collection inside of an empty picture to create a wall accessory that has style and function. Find a unique configuration for pictures frames of a few different sizes and shapes for an interesting visual appeal to the wall.

Play with Mirrors

Mirrors add aesthetic appeal to a room and they can also create the illusion of more square footage. When you choose a stylish mirror for a particular room, you can easily tie together to the rest of the interior design. Utilize mirrors in your space to make the most out of your décor.

Come to Home Consignment Center today to find artwork, picture frames, and mirrors that help you input your own personality into your interior design. We buy and sell furniture and accessories to make it easy for you to create your ideal décor. To learn more about our services or to find a location near you, call (925) 272-0067.