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Home Consignment Center – How to Buy Pearls

Monday, July 28th, 2014

How to Buy Pearls

Quality jewelry can be used for a variety of occasions and remains a part of your personal collection for many years. If you want to buy a classic piece that enhances every facet of your wardrobe, pearl jewelry is a great option. Keep reading for some tips on buying pearls.

Pay attention to the luster of the pearl. Quality pearls are those that seem to have an inherent shine that originates from somewhere within. If you are buying earrings or a ring, you should look for pieces with smaller pearls. If you want a necklace, however, larger pearls are a better and more aesthetically appealing option. Choose a style that complements the other pieces in your wardrobe so you can create a wide array of new outfits that work well together.

Come to Home Consignment Center to shop for pearls and other great pieces of jewelry. We offer an amazing selection of jewelry and furniture at hard-to-beat prices so you can always find the items you need. Call (818) 880-8331 to learn more about our jewelry and furniture selection in Calabasas.

The Home Consignment Center Tells How to Insure Your New Jewelry

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Engagement Ring

When you buy jewelry, you buy much more than accessories for your wardrobe. Fine jewelry features precious metals and gemstones that often gain value over time. That is why it is important to insure your jewelry against theft, damage, and loss.

If you check your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy, you can determine how much coverage is offered for jewelry. Some policies offer coverage for theft, but not damage or loss. Contact an insurance agent if you plan to purchase fine jewelry that you want to protect. This will help you learn about your options as well as what steps you have to take in order to gain coverage against theft, damage, and loss for your new pieces of jewelry.

Insurance is always a good idea after purchasing new jewelry from a consignment shop. Enhance your current jewelry collection by shopping at the Home Consignment Center of Calabasas. Contact us at (818) 880-8331 to find out if a consignment store is the right option for your jewelry needs.