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The Home Consignment Center Jewelry Wish List

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

This holiday season build a jewelry wish-list at The Home Consignment Center and also find out why you should also sell your unwanted jewelry at The Home Consignment Center.

Do you have a beautiful strand of pearls tucked away in your jewelry box that you’ve never worn? Have you ever received an expensive piece of jewelry that you simply don’t care for and don’t know what to do with? One of the best ways to bid farewell to old jewelry that you don’t wear is to sell it at The Home Consignment Center. We inspect jewelry items at each of our California, Texas, and Nevada locations, which means you never have to worry about hosting a stranger in your residence for the appraisal process. Furthermore, we have a stellar reputation and are known for our ability to carefully market customers’ unique items so they sell quickly and for a fair price.

The trained and experienced professionals at our consignment stores can assist you in consigning various types of jewelry, including estate, vintage, and contemporary items. Whether you are hoping to sell a diamond ring or a gold watch, we will see to it that the process of consigning your item and receiving your money is easy and rewarding. To get started consigning your jewelry with us, call the Home Consignment Center at (512) 346-2900 or visit our Austin consignment store today.

The Home Consignment Center Gives 3 Jewelry Tips for Men

Sunday, October 13th, 2013

3 Jewelry Tips for Men

Did you know that there are plenty of ways for men to accessorize with watches, necklaces, and even rings? The most important factor for men to consider when wearing jewelry is placement. By strategically wearing jewelry, men can send powerful signals about their status and personality.

Start Out Simple

Especially for men who are just beginning to wear jewelry, it’s best to keep it simple. The best place to start is by wearing a classic watch. Once wearing this accessory begins to feel more natural, it will be easier to branch out with other accessories.

Match Metals

Most men’s jewelry comes in gold or silver. Generally, the most aesthetically pleasing look is to only feature one metal at a time. Gold is a warmer color than silver, so it goes better with browns and earth tones. It can also be paired with deep color tones like royal blue or hunter green. Silver tones are more neutral, so they don’t clash with many outfits. Men can create a sleek, modern look by matching silver jewelry with their black or dark gray clothing.

Understand Jewelry Symbols

Even though jewelry may only be a small portion of an overall look, it catches a lot of attention. A great way for men to venture into the symbolic world of wearing jewelry is by choosing pieces that carry meaning. A wedding band is a notable piece of symbolic jewelry, but class rings, fraternal insignia, and military service pins can also be worn as forms of self-expression.

The Home Consignment Center offers high-traffic, quality locations in fine California neighborhoods. You can learn about our Yorba Linda location by visiting us online or giving us a call today at (714) 637-1992. See for what sets us apart from other furniture consignment stores by visiting one of our locations.

How to Buy Your Girlfriend Jewelry

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

How to Buy Your Girlfriend Jewelry

If there is a holiday, anniversary, or birthday approaching, it might be a good idea to start thinking about buying jewelry for your girlfriend. If this prospect sounds daunting, don’t worry! Purchasing jewelry for your girlfriend doesn’t have to be scary or difficult. When you shop at a consignment store, you’ll find affordable prices and one-of-a-kind jewelry that she is sure to love. If you’re still feeling shaky about buying this type of gift for your special lady, read on for more tips on how to do it.


Once you’ve decided you want to buy jewelry for your girlfriend, your first order of business should be to pay attention to what she wears. Some women wear a lot of jewelry every day, while others save big pieces for special occasions and stick with the basics for everyday wear. Use what you know about her personality and combine that with what you see her wear on different occasions. Does she tend to wear silver jewelry, or does she stick with gold? Does she favor large earrings or smaller ones? A little bit of keen observation will help you out when you head to the consignment store to go jewelry shopping.


Buying jewelry for your girlfriend may not be as difficult as you imagine if you are a good listener. Pay attention when you pass jewelry stores, as she may look in the window and make comments about the various pieces she sees. Listen when you are out in social situations, as she may compliment other women on their jewelry which can give you an idea about her tastes. Some women may drop hints about specific pieces they like—don’t be afraid to use that information when you go shopping!


If you try these techniques but are still at a loss, consider asking one of her friends for a little bit of advice. You might even bring that friend shopping with you—just make sure she can keep a secret!

Stop in at the Home Consignment Center when you want to buy your girlfriend jewelry for her birthday, an anniversary, or just because. Contact us at (925) 272-0067 to find out which of our locations is closest to you. You can also visit our website to learn more about our five Bay Area stores.



See What the Home Consignment Center Can Offer You by Clicking Through These Links

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

See What the Home Consignment Center Can Offer You by Clicking Through These Links

You don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money to have a beautiful home and gorgeous jewelry. These links highlight how you can have the furniture and jewelry you want with easy and affordable consignment shopping.

Consignment furniture offers fashionable pieces for every room in your house. offers some innovative ways to decorate your living room.

  • Can’t decide on an interior design style? provides an array of styles that can help you find your own domestic personality.
  • gives readers tips on how to purchase furniture for the home.
  • The summer months often bring weddings and wedding anniversaries. helps grooms and husbands find a jewelry gift for the special women in their lives.
  • Ladies, never again do you have to decide between wearing your favorite gold or silver jewelry. The Huffington Post reports on the growing mixing metal jewelry trend.

The Home Consignment Center of Sacramento carries an extensive array of consignment furniture and jewelry for your home and fashion needs. We receive new inventory on a regular basis, so you can find something new each time you visit. Call (916) 302-4390 or visit our website for more information.



Why Consignment Is the Best Way to Sell Your Quality Jewelry

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Selling your unwanted jewelry is a great way to make some extra cash. Whether you are in need of some financial help or just want to clear out your jewelry box, selling your unwanted quality jewelry is always a good idea. If you are nervous about the process, a consignment shop can help. Keep reading to see how choosing to consign your jewelry can benefit your bank account:

Earn a Good Price

One of the biggest benefits of consigning your jewelry is the ability to get a price with which you are happy. The jewelry experts at your consignment shop know what jewelry is worth, and they will sell it for a price that meets your expectations. A consignment shop will also have the customer base necessary to get the price that you want for your pieces.

Sell Your Jewelry Safely

When you try to sell your jewelry on your own, you have to meet with strangers. Instead of putting your safety at risk by posting an ad online, take your jewelry to a consignment shop. The store can safely display your pieces to customers who travel through the aisles daily. You only have to work with the trustworthy representatives who work at the store.

Enjoy Access to a Widespread Market

A consignment center works hard on marketing to customers who are looking to buy jewelry, giving you access to publicity for your items. Selling your items through a consignment business guarantees that high amounts of potential customers will see your jewelry.


Whether you want to buy or sell jewelry or furniture, the Home Consignment Center is here for you. With five locations throughout the Bay Area, we make it easy to get the prices you want on the items you need to sell. Visit us online or call (925) 272-4318 today to learn more about the consignment process.

The Home Consignment Center Gives a Man’s Guide to Purchasing Jewelry

Thursday, April 18th, 2013


The notion that jewelry is a woman’s domain simply isn’t true. All it takes is a bit of preparation for any man to become an expert in all that sparkles and shines. Whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one, you can make sure to purchase the perfect piece of jewelry when you keep these easy tips in mind.

Know Your Inventory

The most important component of purchasing jewelry is to understand what you’re getting. If you’re going to buy an engagement ring, that means educating yourself on the four C’s: carat, cut, color, and clarity. If you plan to purchase gold, you’ll want to know the differences in karat, or gold purity. Virtually every gem or precious stone has its own defining properties, so before you visit any jeweler, take an afternoon to research what you want and how to spot it.

Consider Different Options

When shopping for jewelry you should choose a jeweler with a wide inventory. When faced with only a handful of options, you may find one that meets your standards. However, if you have a diverse array of pieces to choose from, you’ll be far more likely to find the perfect item for you or your sweetheart. Never walk away from the counter without being thrilled about your purchase.

Don’t Give In to Pressure

A reputable jeweler will never resort to high-pressure tactics to ensure a sale. If you feel uncomfortable with your salesperson at any point while browsing, either ask for another associate or leave the store. Some individuals are paid only on commission, which is why you may experience pressure to buy under some circumstances. Given the investment you’re making, you deserve to have a friendly, low-pressure buying experience.

The Home Consignment Center of Yorba Linda provides a wide variety of new and estate jewelry for our Southern California customers. Because our salespeople are not paid through commission, you will never be pressured to buy anything you don’t truly love. Call us today at (714) 637-1992 .


The Home Consignment Center Helps You Decide What Precious Metal Is Right for Your Jewelry?

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Just like your clothing, your jewelry can reflect your own personal sense of style. Whether you prefer necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, or all of the above, you can find a great selection of jewelry at excellent prices when you shop at a consignment store. When you are jewelry shopping, you’ll notice that there are a variety of precious metals to choose from. Keep reading to learn about the properties of various precious metals and see which one suits your lifestyle the best.


Silver is one of the more common precious metals seen in jewelry, but that doesn’t make it any less special. It is the softest and one of the least expensive options when it comes to jewelry, so if you like to have many pieces of jewelry, silver is an affordable option. You can mix and match a variety of pieces of silver jewelry so that you can change up your look almost every day.


Gold has long been prized for its sheen and beauty, and is not just for wedding bands anymore. Both men and women wear gold jewelry, a traditional and classic look. Gold is not quite as soft as silver, but is still a relatively soft metal. Depending on the look you desire, you might opt for a piece of gold jewelry that has been plated to make it appear more white than yellow.


One of the more expensive precious metals, platinum jewelry is an excellent choice for people who are always on the move but want to retain a certain elegance in their look. Platinum is heavy, scratch-resistant, and hypoallergenic, which is good news for people with metal allergies and sensitive skin.


Titanium should be the precious metal of choice for people who lead an active lifestyle. It is the hardest of all precious metals, so it stands up well to dents and scratches. It is also hypoallergenic and comes in a variety of silver tones.

At the Home Consignment Center, you’ll find unique jewelry to suit your lifestyle no matter what your tastes are. Contact us in Yorba Linda at (714) 637-1192 to learn more about purchasing consignment jewelry today.

The Home Consignment Center Helps you to Choose the Right Furniture and Jewelry with These Resources

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Are you interested in finding the furnishings and accessories you need at great prices? If so, you can learn more about how to choose the best jewelry and arrange your room by visiting the following websites.

  • Find out how to have a successful jewelry shopping experience on this page from
  • Are you looking for the perfect piece of jewelry to give to your special someone? Find advice on this page from
  • Consignment stores offer a wide selection of jewelry, including beautiful engagement rings. Learn how to pick the right ring on this page from
  • Learn how to create a gender-neutral bedroom that you and your spouse are sure to love on this page.
  • You can read about the best ways to arrange furniture in your home on this page from

The Home Consignment Center is here to help you with your needs, whether you are on the hunt for the perfect jewelry for your loved one or a new sofa for your living room. Get more information on furniture in Calabasas by contacting us at (808) 880-8331 today.

Why Consignment Jewelry Makes the Perfect Gift for a Loved One

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Jewelry can be the perfect gift for a number of different occasions. If your girlfriend, wife, or loved one has a birthday coming up, you can show your love with a sparkling and dazzling piece of jewelry. Normal jewelry stores often have a great selection, but they typically charge incredibly high prices. Consignment jewelry provides a great alternative for a number of reasons:

  • Wide Selection of Styles

Jewelry trends are constantly going in and out of style. When you visit a traditional jewelry store, you will only be able to choose from pieces that fit in with the current trends. You can find a much wider selection of styles when you visit a consignment store, making it easier to find a piece of jewelry that fits in with your loved one’s collection.

  • Vintage Finds

Does your special someone have an old soul? If so, a vintage piece of jewelry may be perfect for her! Old styles offer timeless designs that can fit in with a number of modern trends. The Home Consignment Center features a wide selection of styles, including many vintage pieces.

  • Pieces with History

Not only will you be able to find older pieces when you shop at a consignment store, but you will also be able to find pieces with stories behind them. The Home Consignment Center accepts new consignments every day, allowing our customers to choose from an assortment of pieces that have been worn, admired, and loved by many.

  • Great Prices

Buying consignment jewelry will allow you to get a great deal on a beautiful piece. That means you will have plenty of money left over, so you can take your loved one out to dinner for an even better celebration.

You can start your search for the perfect piece of jewelry by visiting the Home Consignment Center of Newport. If you want to buy jewelry from our internet store or if you’d like more information about our inventory, visit our website or call us at (949) 250-0326 today.