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Is It Time for a New Sofa?

Friday, January 30th, 2015

Interior design of a luxury living room

An old, worn-down sofa decreases the aesthetic appeal and comfort of your interior design. It might be hard to decide when the time is right to update your furnishings. However, use this guide to determine if now is the time to start shopping for a new sofa:

The style of your sofa is one of the biggest indicators that it might be time for a change. If the look of your couch is becoming outdated, you can browse through the furniture store to find a new couch that does more to meet your current tastes. Pay attention to the cushions. If they are worn down or have rips or tears, you should buy a new sofa to enhance the appeal of your décor.

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Is It Time to Replace Your Sofa?

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Is It Time to Replace Your Sofa

The sofa is one of the most commonly used pieces of furniture in the home. Since you get so used to seeing and using this piece of furniture, you might not realize when it is time to upgrade to a new one. Keep reading to learn about some signs that it is time to get a new couch.

When you look at your couch, can you see permanent indentations that show you where you always sit? If so, it might be time for something new. Fading, ripping, and discoloration are also signs that you can benefit from a newer sofa. If your current sofa no longer matches your interior design, you can upgrade to a new style.

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The Home Consignment Center Gives Furniture Arrangement Ideas for Small Living Rooms

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Furniture Arrangement Ideas for Small Living Rooms

The right furniture can create an attractive and inviting space in any room. This is especially important for small spaces that can feel crowded when filled with the wrong furnishings. You will find a variety of furniture sizes and styles at the Home Consignment Center in Southern California. Use this guide to discover the best pieces to help you arrange furniture for a small living room: 

Keep Open Pathways

Your living room provides a place where family and friends can gather to spend time together. Make sure your loved ones can access this room by creating open pathways. Arrange your furniture to offer seating for all of your guests while maintaining walkways that lead to these seating options.

Make a Circular Arrangement

Whether you like to watch TV in your living room or sit and talk with guests, you should arrange your living room furniture in a circular design. Place your sofa or other larger seating options directly across from your TV or other focal point. Add smaller seats and other furniture on each open side of the room for a complete living room arrangement.

Select Smaller Pieces

Many apartment dwellers believe they can make the most of their small spaces by choosing big pieces of furniture. But bigger pieces can be overwhelming in a small room, making the space feel cramped and crowded. Smaller pieces of furniture provide fashion and function without taking up too much space, allowing you to make your small living room appear and feel larger.

Look for Multi-Purpose Furniture

The size of your living room does not have to limit what you can do with the room. Fill your living room with everything you want and need by investing in multi-purpose furniture. Look for coffee and end tables with hidden storage to hold games, exercise equipment, or home office supplies. Choose a sofa bed to turn your living room into a guest room quickly and easily.

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Preparing Your Home for Thanksgiving Brought to You By The Home Consignment Center

Friday, November 22nd, 2013


Tips for Decorating a Thanksgiving Coffee Table


The holidays are on the horizon, which means it is time to start preparing your home for the season and the guests it brings. Buy furniture and accessories to get your home ready for Thanksgiving early so you have plenty of time to prepare a delicious feast without stress. Keep reading for some tips on getting your home ready:

Find the Perfect Table

The dining room table is the center of the Thanksgiving celebration. Make sure you find a piece that adds style and function to your home and offers plenty of space for your many guests. With a stunning table as your foundation, it is easy to prepare a meal that looks as great as it tastes.

Incorporate Some Fall Décor

Fall décor has a lot to offer and it helps you make your home seem more inviting to your holiday guests. Find some stylish pumpkins, some chic leaves, or other seasonal favorites that open up your home to the holiday spirit. Complementing your beautiful new table with some great fall pieces helps you tie the entire space together.

Invest in a Guest Bed

Whether you want to add a sofa bed to your living room décor or turn your office space into a guest bedroom, you should make sure that you have plenty of places for your guests to sleep. Buy furniture pieces that help you accommodate your guests so they feel right at home when they come to see you for the holidays.

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