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Our Story

Home Consignment Center remains a two family owned and run business. In the spring of 1994 Christine and Johnny Crowell were considering opening a furniture store patterned on Johnny’s successful antique auto consignment business. Jamece and John Fondnazio joined them forming a partnership that has lasted for twenty plus years.

The partners had a business plan that promoted high quality furniture and accessories priced to sell from the outset. The partners rejected the traditional consignment approach of initial overpricing coupled with automatic markdowns. Home Consignment Center was built on the concept of great stuff at great prices, and it’s a fun place to shop.

That first year was exciting, if exhausting. The partners worked every day and without employees. This allowed them to learn every aspect of the business, first hand. When the first employees were hired HCC initiated its policy of no commission salespeople.

HCC shares it’s profits with its employees, monthly, through a store bonus system that recognizes that there are many components to success. HCC has been lucky in having great employees many of who treat the stores as if they were their own business.

Based on the great support from the community surrounding the first store in Danville, HCC has continued to grow, adding 14 additional locations in California and Texas. In 1995 HCC began adding jewelry stores to its locations and they are now recognized as a great place to consign or buy fine jewelry, too.

As Home Consignment Center’s sales have grown to over fifty million dollars a year, they have attracted the attention of the furniture industry. Now, many furniture factories consign their samples, closeouts, over runs or other new product, much to the advantage of the HCC customer.