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4 Reasons to Update Your Jewelry Collection

Many people develop their jewelry collection gradually over the years without much thought

Many people develop their jewelry collection gradually over the years without much thought. You buy a ring here, receive a necklace as a gift there, and before long, your jewelry box is full of an assortment of pieces. But as you refine your style in adulthood, you may discover that your slapdash collection no longer makes the grade. Rather than wearing jewelry you don’t really like anymore, consider updating your collection. Here’s why.

Jewelry Expands Your Overall Wardrobe

Have you ever considered that you can alter an entire outfit just by changing your jewelry? A simple cotton dress looks more elegant with a strand of pearls, yet that same dress takes on an air of Boho chic when paired with layered necklaces and bangles. When your jewelry collection is robust and diverse, you not only support your wardrobe—you expand it by making every clothing item more versatile.

Vintage Jewelry Keeps History Alive

One common approach is to update your jewelry collection with unique vintage pieces. You may purchase these or receive them as gifts. If your grandmother leaves you her cherished wedding band, be sure to ask about its history so you can treasure the story for years to come.

Jewelry Shows Off Your Personality

You might make your purchasing decisions based purely on aesthetics, but jewelry is a fashion-savvy way to tell the world a bit about yourself. You might wear your birthstone or choose gems and precious stones based on other things they represent or powers they’re said to imbue. For instance, jade symbolizes courage and generosity, amethyst is about spiritual openness and growth, and turquoise is considered protective against stress and anxiety.

Jewelry is an Investment in Yourself

Ultimately, the biggest reason to update your jewelry collection is to invest in yourself. You can find rings and necklaces to compliment your wardrobe and elevate your look, no matter your sense of style. Wearing what you truly love rather than putting on earrings you just have lying around helps you express yourself and feel more confident in social situations. The right pieces can even be conversation starters with others who share your passion for jewelry.

Buy & Sell Consignment Jewelry

Are you feeling inspired to update your jewelry collection? You can make your money go further by shopping for consignment jewelry through Home Consignment Center. We sell gorgeous pieces from individuals, celebrities, manufacturers, insurance companies, and closeouts. Some of our jewelry is brand new, while others are incredible treasures made hundreds of years ago. Best of all, we don’t inflate our prices the way average jewelers do. Instead, we price every piece fairly, based on its value.

If you need to make room in your jewelry box for a new collection, you can also consign your jewelry with us. We provide in-store and in-home appointments with professional jewelers for your convenience.

Begin your search in our online consignment jewelry store or visit one of our stores in California and Texas to view pieces in person today!