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6 Designer Tips to Decorate Your Home Like a Pro

The purpose of decorating is to make you feel good

The purpose of decorating is to make you feel good. If the striking accessories and meaningful collections in your home put a smile on your face, then they’ve done their job. Do you struggle with styling and accessorizing? These six easy tips will have you decorating like a pro in no time!

  1. Dress up your sofa with pillows: Throw pillows make your sofa look more inviting. The key is not to be too matchy-matchy but still follow a basic formula. You’ll want four or five pillows—two with floral or organic print, two with a graphic or striped pattern, and one optional trophy pillow as the centerpiece. Feel free to choose trendy colors and patterns because pillows are easy to swap out.
  2. Stylize your bookshelf: Bookshelves aren’t just for books. By incorporating decorative groupings, you can make your bookshelf a work of art. For example, you might stack three books topped with a decorative ball in the center of one shelf. Then, place a flower vase on one side and two standing books flanked by bookends on the other. Use accessories in varying colors, textures, and patterns to create visual interest.
  3. Adorn the mantelpiece: The fireplace is the centerpiece of many living rooms. Make yours stand out with beautiful mantelpiece decor. Start with a large anchoring piece in the center, such as a mirror, clock, or framed art. Then, decorate both sides of the anchor piece, using objects with various heights and visual weights to create balance, even if you opt for an asymmetrical look.
  4. Make your bed the focal point: First, choose a grand headboard to draw attention to your bed. Next, flank the bed with nightstands topped with unique table lamps. Finally, accessorize the bed with large, medium, and small pillows that incorporate colors from around the room.
  5. Place at least one plant in every room: Whether it’s a potted houseplant, faux greenery, or a vase of fresh-cut flowers, plants are a fast, easy way to add beauty and texture to any space. Some houseplants—such as the peace lily, English ivy, and aloe vera—even purify your indoor air.
  6. Hang mirrors strategically: Mirrors are for more than just checking your hair—they also bounce light around to make the room feel larger. A stylish frame can also add drama and flair. Place a mirror where it will reflect something beautiful back at you, such as a window or interesting light fixture.

Accessorizing is the final step in the design process. Whether you’re looking for few new accessories to finalize your room or you plan to update your furniture as well, Home Consignment Center has what you’re looking for. We consign and sell high-end furnishings and accessories at consignment prices, so you can refresh your home’s decor for an unbelievable price. New items arrive all the time, and the most in-demand pieces sell fast, so visit a Home Consignment Center near you to check out the latest styles we have to offer!