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6 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Great Room

Open floor plans are popular today because they improve sociability and communication between family members

Open floor plans are popular today because they improve sociability and communication between family members. Having the living room adjacent to the kitchen also grants a more flexible layout and creates multifunctional spaces. The trick is knowing how to decorate your great room so it looks stylish and meets your needs. Here are five tips to get you started.

Use Color

Painting the walls is an easy, affordable way to refresh your great room. Because the space is so large, you might want to experiment with darker colors to help bring the walls in a bit. Try using light paint in some areas and dark paint in others for a pleasing contrast that adds depth and balance to the space.

Don’t be Too Matchy-Matchy

While you should use a consistent color scheme throughout the great room, avoid buying matching furniture sets, which can create a bland appearance. If you currently have matching furniture, consider swapping out all but a piece or two. The resulting eclectic feel really allows your personality to shine through.

Float Your Furniture

Whatever you do, resist the urge to line your furniture up against the wall. Great rooms are simply too large for this, so instead, you should create small, intimate furniture groupings throughout the space. In fact, not a single sofa or table needs to sit against the wall. Use the areas behind your furniture for traffic flow so people can walk around without interrupting those who are sitting and talking.

Define Zones

With no walls dividing the great room, you need other ways to define each zone. One option is to lay down an area rug to visually group a cluster of furniture. You can also use different-colored furnishings in each zone. For instance, a dark dining table and chairs distinguish themselves from a light sofa and coffee table.

Anchor the Space with Art

You may need more than just the right paint colors to create enough visual interest in your great room. Consider hanging a large piece of art behind the sofa or dining table to anchor that furniture grouping. You can fill up wall space with a series of framed photographs or prints.

Keep Scale in Mind

Great rooms tend to have vaulted ceilings and ample square footage. The furniture you put in the space should reflect this. If your low-profile, mid-century modern sofa looks out of place, it may be time to trade it out for a large sectional. Fluffy armchairs, oversized ottomans, and robust sidebars also carry enough visual weight to fill the space.

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