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The first month of the year is associated with a stone that holds great historic significance. It’s none other than garnet, also known as “carbuncle,” during medieval times. Garnet is one of the oldest gemstones, along with ruby and sapphire. It has been used since antiquity to adorn some of history’s most significant people, including emperors, kings, conquerors, and nobles. With the birthstone designation assigned to it for January, this deep red jewel continues to be celebrated across many cultures today. But what makes Garnet so special? What are its unique traits? Read on to find out!

Garnet: A Gemstone with History

People have long valued faceted garnets not only for their beauty, but for their symbolism. Garnets are said to have protective powers against the “evil eye,” greed, nightmares, and bad weather. Garnets are also used in jewelry to attract love, promote fidelity among partners, enhance passion in matrimonial relationships, protect travelers and encourage fertility.

In ancient history, priests said garnet would light up the night sky when dropped into water at sunset—making it easy for them to perform religious ceremonies and rituals. They believed this stone could extinguish flames and cure diseases such as epilepsy and bladder infections. As a result of these beliefs during medieval times, garnet was worn by European aristocracy to symbolize power and stand out among other royals.

The Birthstone

The birthstone for January is garnet. This deep red gem is associated with strength, vitality, and warmth; it’s believed to be the perfect gift that can provide you with health, happiness and prosperity through the coming year. Many cultures attribute great powers to gems such as garnet. Since ancient times, people have used this stone to gain protection against evil spirits and even disease.

One way that garnet has long been used to symbolize power and intense passion is in wedding rings. Garnet rings are often worn by brides, grooms, and their families during this important ceremony to show devotion to one another.

The Queen’s Stone

The color of deep red garnets was so prized that the “ruby” became associated with royalty. Thus, King Henry II of France declared it would be appropriate to use only rubies for all royal crowns, scepters, and jewels to declare his standing among other nobles.

It’s easy to see why garnet is also referred to as “queen of gems.” This gem has historically been given as a symbol of love for thousands of years; therefore, it makes the perfect gift to celebrate relationships with loved ones. This gemstone is also perfect for the time of year when you feel cold and tired, which is why it’s associated with vital energy that can keep you strong during January.

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