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Benefits of Selling and Shopping on Consignment

Portrait of a female business owner standing in her furniture store

Have you ever considered the impact your buying and selling habits have on the planet and the economy? Do you carefully weigh the decision to buy new vs. used? And when you no longer want an item, do you throw it away, donate it, or sell it? When you understand how selling and shopping on consignment benefits everyone involved, you’ll want to give it a try.

What is Consignment?

Some consignment stores specialize in buying and selling upscale home furnishings, accessories, art, decor, and more. They differ from thrift shops because the item owner doesn’t simply drop off donations and walk away. Instead, the consignor receives a portion of the proceeds as soon as their high-quality products sell.

Why Shop on Consignment?

With the option to buy new furniture and home accessories, why should you consider shopping at a consignment store?

  • Designer quality: Consignment furniture includes showroom samples, prototypes, model home furnishings, and closeouts in a wide variety of upscale styles. This is your chance to get trendsetting items before they even hit the catalogs, many of which cannot be found in stores!
  • Consignment pricing: You’ll never find such affluent pieces at more affordable prices than at a consignment furniture store. Consignment shoppers can find something twice as nice for half the price as a typical online or retail store.
  • The thrill of the hunt: Expect a near-endless selection of one-of-a-kind items on sale. Because new furniture comes in constantly, you never know what you might find from one day to the next.
  • Support for the local economy: Rather than buying new from a big-box retailer, shop at a consignment store to keep money in the local economy. This decision also keeps high-end products circulating within the affluent shopping community. This grants new life to used furniture and presents the promise of resale value for every item you purchase.
  • Sustainability: Furniture manufacturing produces a tremendous amount of pollution and greenhouse gases. You can feel good about shopping on consignment because you’re recycling!

Why Sell on Consignment?

If you have any furniture you no longer need, consider why selling on consignment is the best option:

  • New look: If you want to freshen up your living room decor for the new season, you must make some space by getting rid of some of your existing furniture first.
  • Profit: When your furniture is too high-class to toss or donate, selling it is the way to go. Plus, you can put the earnings towards any replacement furniture you plan to buy.
  • Sustainability: Selling luxury home goods you don’t want any more extends their lifecycle, so you don’t add to the landfill just because you want a fresh look.
  • Convenience: Don’t want to deal with strangers coming to your house, price haggling, or being stood up? Then consignment is right for you. There is no appointment necessary, simply drop by with your potential consignments, and sit back and relax while thousands of shoppers view your items for sale. Then, after one lucky buyer takes their new treasures home, you’ll pocket a portion of the proceeds. It’s as easy as that.

Home Consignment Center is the ideal place to sell and shop on consignment. We specialize in more upscale products than your ordinary consignment store. With more than 25 years in business, we have a reputation for having the best inventory in multiple states. We price items for quick sales and pay our consignors quickly. It’s fast, efficient, and affordable for everyone. Ready to sell or shop on consignment? Find your nearest Home Consignment Center today.