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Fall in Love with Your Home’s Interior this Autumn

Autumn kitchen interior. Red and yellow leaves and flowers in the vase and pumpkin on light background

Are you feeling inspired to change up your home’s color palette as the leaves start turning yellow, orange, and red? This is a great time of year to redecorate as you prepare for cooler winter weather. Here are some ideas to help you fall in love with your home’s interior this autumn.

Set Out Holiday Decorations

It doesn’t feel like fall without pumpkin centerpieces, leaf garlands, and burlap wreaths. Break out the decor to help your family get in the autumn spirit. Consider finding new decorations to add to your display so things stay fresh and fun from one year to the next.

Add New Accents

The right accent piece can make all the difference when transitioning your home from summer to fall. Consider adding throw pillows and an area rug to the living room, hanging new bedroom curtains, replacing the dining room tablecloth, and swapping out the lampshades in your home office. When shopping for accents, seek out forest greens, apple reds, golden yellows, and burnt oranges to really make your home look like fall.

Use Layered Textures

Fall is all about heavy textures, so now’s the time to reintroduce throw blankets into your decor. Not only do they create a welcoming look, but they can also keep you warm when the weather turns chilly. Try draping a plaid throw blanket on the foot of your bed or laying a faux sheepskin pelt over a leather armchair to evoke a cozy fall feeling.

Add Soft Light

The days are getting shorter, so this is the perfect time to add more after-dark ambiance. Place votive candles in mini mason jars on a tray to create simple coffee table decor. Hang a dimmable light fixture above the kitchen island for control over the mood. Or fill decorative lanterns with battery-powered string lights that automatically turn on after nightfall.

Incorporate Plaid

Plaid is considered a year-round pattern, but it’s most associated with fall, especially when flannel is involved. Look for plaid throw pillows, rugs, bedspreads, accent chairs, and seasonal decorations to add around your home. You’ll soon discover that plaid comes in many varieties, including tartar, windowpane, and buffalo check, all of which exude an autumn vibe.

Think Beyond Orange

While orange is the quintessential fall color, you are allowed—even encouraged—to use cool colors this time of year, too. One flattering combination is burnt orange and aquamarine. Think fall foliage in teal glass vases. Using soft whites and cool grays is another good choice, with pops of sage green and ash purple for added interest.

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