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Holiday Decor Trends to Make Your Home All the Merrier

winter kitchen with red decorations, christmas cooking table and utensils

Will you be setting up holiday decorations soon? While you can’t go wrong with traditional red and green, this season’s trends are too good to ignore. So pour the eggnog, light the fire, and incorporate these decor trends to make your home all the merrier this holiday season.

Farmhouse Neutrals

The best holiday decorations are those that complement your existing design style. If your home gives off a farmhouse vibe—with shiplap walls, open shelving, lots of wood accents, and neutral colors—carry that over into your seasonal decor. Stick with browns, whites, creams, and grays, with sage green and dusty blue as your accent colors.

Exotic Global Flair

Feel free to stray from the classic color scheme and embrace a more vibrant pattern of pinks, golds, ruby reds, and saffron yellows. Not sure what to shop for? Anything with tassels and fringe or in garland form is a safe bet. The more texture and handmade-looking elements, the better.

Celestial Inspiration

If you’re looking for holiday decor ideas, all you need to do is look up. The night sky offers a moody palette of rich navy and deep indigo, dotted with silver, glittering stars. It’s the perfect holiday decor theme! Start with a blue backdrop, and then incorporate sparkling silver and gold accents, with star motifs and twinkling lights wherever possible.


For a “less is more” approach, consider minimalist holiday decorations. Instead of going overboard and setting out all the pieces you’ve collected over the years, choose a few select items, preferably those with natural color schemes and a meaningful story behind them. Stick with whites, creams, and grays, with organic textures like wood, wool, woven fabrics, and holiday greenery.

Cozy Cabin

To create this vibe in your home, build upon a neutral foundation with plaid pillows on the sofa, a burlap wreath hanging on the front door, faux fur blankets on your bed, wooden decorations on the mantelpiece, and natural greenery everywhere you look. Touches of metallic gold and brilliant red holly berries add just the right amount of elegance to your home.

Nostalgic Decor

The holiday season is probably when you feel the most wistful about the days of yore. If you get warm fuzzies when you see your grandmother’s old snow globes, ceramic houses, and wooden ornaments, consider using them this season. Everyone is feeling a little more nostalgic these days, so it could be the perfect year for a good old-fashioned Christmas.

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