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How to Design the Ultimate Bathroom

consider incorporating these unique design elements for the ultimate bathroom getaway.

Are you in the midst of making home upgrades? The bathroom is a popular place to improve. If you’re hoping to create a more luxurious place to get ready for the day and unwind in the evening, consider incorporating these unique design elements for the ultimate bathroom getaway.

  • Storage: If your bathroom is short on storage, feel free to install floating shelves, a wall-mounted medicine cabinet, or a new vanity with more cupboards and drawers than your current setup offers.
  • On-trend fixtures: Replacing the lighting and plumbing fixtures can give an older bathroom a more up-to-date aesthetic. Opt for something trendy like matte black or brushed gold to bring your bathroom into the modern era.
  • High-tech toilet: Swap out your old, water-hogging commode for a high-efficiency, high-tech option. Features include seat warmers, self-closing lids, illuminated toilet bowls, self-cleaning options, and more.
  • Mirror upgrades: Avoid basic, contractor-grade mirrors in your luxurious bathroom. Instead, choose uniquely shaped and sized mirrors with decorative frames that hang above the sink like artwork.
  • Accent wall: Like any room in your home, the bathroom benefits from having an accent wall. This can come in many forms, including a bright paint color, a stenciled wall, floor-to-ceiling ceramic tile, or self-adhesive vinyl flooring installed on the wall.
  • Smart gadgets: Any bathroom feels more luxurious when your favorite music or podcast is playing in the background. A water-resistant, voice-activated Bluetooth speaker is the way to go. Try other high-tech gadgets as well, such as towel warmers, touchless soap dispensers, and motion-sensor lights.
  • Unique artwork: Express yourself by selecting unique art pieces for the bathroom. You might choose anything from a pastoral landscape to a colorful modern abstract to framed word art. It’s recommended that you find a piece of art you love first, and then pick paint colors to match.
  • Plants: If you adore houseplants, rest assured that they belong in the bathroom just as much as anywhere else. A small topiary on the counter or fern hanging above the bathtub can add just the right amount of greenery to the space, whether the plant is real or artificial.
  • Non-traditional bath mats: For some reason, many people assume that cheap, rubber-backed rugs are the only floor coverings you can use in the bathroom. On the contrary, you should ditch your old bath mat and use a beautiful, vibrantly patterned rug for an instant pop of color.

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