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In home decorating, trends come and go. That is the nature of living in a society that changes constantly. While some trends become long-lasting staples, many fads fade away as quickly as they emerged. Read more about what you can expect from living room trends for 2022 below.

One Room Fits All

Long gone are the days when your living room was for relaxing and watching television. In its place is a multipurpose space that works for everything from homework to entertaining guests. No longer separated by furniture groupings or fixed structures, modern day rooms have an open floor plan with plenty of seating options available when needed. Innovative wall designs prefabricated prefinished panels system allow homeowners to add projection screens, bookcases, and even kitchen components to their living spaces with ease.

Living Room Wall Décor

With the walls acting as functional pieces of furniture, you will see a shift in wall décor. Graphic and abstract elements will join natural textures like wood and stone to give your room a modern twist on more traditional design schemes. Artwork and accessories can be swapped out easily when new trends take hold. Simply slap some new art on the walls for an updated look that is all your own.

Technology is Key

From video games to television, flat screen televisions are no longer the focus of entertainment rooms. Smart home technology has become an integral part of any home improvement plan with items such as, sensors, lighting systems, and video screens making their way into living room designs.

Invisible Furniture Makes a Statement

Sleek, clean lines and neutral colors were the name of the game for 2017. In 2022, you will see homeowners make a statement with furniture that is almost nonexistent in some rooms. Desks, credenzas, cabinets, and other household staples are hidden behind walls where they can be accessed quickly when needed. This gives the appearance of open floor space while maintaining functionality when it is critical to do so.

It’s all about Balance

As homes become technologically advanced with smart home features popping up everywhere, homeowners will need to strike a balance between old world charm and new world convenience in their living spaces. Balancing the two will be key in keeping your home warm and inviting for years to come.

While balancing interior décor trends in one’s own home might seem challenging at first, many homeowners find it easier to stick with a color palette that fits their tastes and style preferences. With the right combination of materials, furniture, and accessories, living room walls can be dressed up or down to fit a large variety of décor schemes.

With all these trends combined, it is easy to see that living room design will continue to evolve. What started out with just a couch or sofa for watching television has transformed into an entertainment hub that works for everything from gaming to homework sessions.

No matter what trends come and go in the future though, homeowners will always have a place for family and friends to gather as they continue to decorate their homes for comfort and convenience.

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