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Rustic Holiday Decor Ideas

Orange candles with birch decorations

Everyone has a design style that speaks to them. Do you love earth tones, rough textures, and a log cabin feel? Sounds like you’re a fan of the rustic look. You’ll be pleased to hear that it’s easy to carry on this theme during the holidays. Here are some rustic home decor ideas to try this season.

Rustic Holiday Garland

A lush, beautiful garland made of faux pine boughs, eucalyptus sprigs, and cedar branches is the perfect rustic touch to your holiday fireplace display. Try draping some garland around your mantelpiece mirror as well! You can buy a premade garland or make your own to the exact size and style you want.

Inviting Holiday Candles

Soft, flickering candlelight creates a cozy Christmas atmosphere. To continue the rustic theme, choose white taper candles and brass candlesticks. Votive candles are another option, perhaps wrapped in twine or designed with a birch bark look. Whatever look you choose, consider flameless candles for the flexibility to “light” them whenever and wherever you want.

Rustic Coffee Table Decor

Do you have a chunky coffee table in your rustic living room? Turn it into a holiday focal point with rustic decorations. An antique metal tray featuring votive candles and wooden tree ornaments is one idea. Another is to use a plaid table runner topped with a rustic wood sleigh, metal lantern, or wicker basket filled to the brim with pine cones and greenery.

Cozy Bedroom Textures & Layers

Your bedroom may be a private space, but it still deserves some holiday cheer. Try something simple, like adding a knitted throw blanket and seasonal pillows to the bed. Candles and holiday greenery on the dresser add a nice touch, while a miniature, flocked Christmas tree in the corner completes the festive, rustic look.

Rustic Holiday Signs

Take down your regular artwork during the holidays and replace it with seasonal messages like “Merry and Bright” and “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” Rustic holiday artwork is usually made of wood and may incorporate pictures of reindeer, pickup trucks, and Santa’s sleigh.

Humble Christmas Ornaments

Whether you opt for a real tree or an artificial one this year, stick to the rustic theme by using simple, unassuming ornaments. Suitable materials include wood, brushed metal, jute, burlap, clay, and flannel. Be as creative as you want about the shapes and sizes of the ornaments, using a combination of store-bought beauties and handmade creations.

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