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Springtime Furniture and Decor Inspiration

Springtime Furniture and Decor Inspiration

Is spring your favorite season? Nothing compares to opening up your home after a long, cold winter to enjoy a little fresh air. The changing season is also a great time to dust off the cobwebs and spruce things up a bit. Give your home a fresh vibe with new decor and furniture for springtime.

Introduce Vibrant Colors

Nothing says “spring” like a pop of lime green, sunshine yellow, or aquamarine! Swap out your muted winter accessories with these brightly colored alternatives. Think table centerpieces, bookshelf decor, and end table accents. Go big with a vibrant new side chair or even all-new living room furniture.

Install New Window Coverings

Those heavy drapes came in handy for insulating the windows last winter, but a lightweight bamboo shade or sheer curtain welcomes spring into your home. Make your selection carefully to maximize the dual functionality of decor and light control.

Paint the Walls

Are you growing tired of the dark, moody wall color you painted last fall? You won’t believe the difference a fresh coat of paint makes! The easy, inexpensive change will leave you grinning all spring and summer long. Choose a color that incorporates any new accessories or window coverings you’ve installed recently.

Bring the Outside In

Can’t be outside right now? Cheer yourself up by bringing a bit of the outside in. You can take this literally by setting up vases of fresh-cut flowers and sprigs of eucalyptus. Or you can simply incorporate floral prints, landscape art, or rustic wood furnishings.

Replace Your Throw Pillows & Blankets

Winter is all about heavy fleece blankets and fuzzy pillow covers. Now that spring is here, swap these out for breezier cottons and linens. You may even want to replace your entire sofa while you’re at it! A low-profile, mid-century modern sofa in grey or tan would look great in your restyled living room.

Spruce Up Your Bedding

The textile changes you make in the living room should also happen in the bedroom. Trade out those heavy wintertime sheets with soft silky ones, and replace the heavy quilt with a lighter blanket. Consider colors and patterns carefully as you make the switch.

Consign Your Unwanted Items

Out with the old and in with the new! Consign the under-used furniture you’ve been holding onto, and make room for a fresh look this spring. Home Consignment Center makes selling your home furnishings, accessories, art, décor and more, easier than ever.

There’s no appointment necessary; simply drop off your high-quality consignments, and maybe even find some beautiful replacement pieces in our showroom, then relax in your newly decorated home. We’ll handle the process of pricing, marketing, and selling your furniture on your behalf. It’s easy, safe and convenient! Best of all, most consignments sell within 30 days.

Find a Home Consignment Store near you when you’re ready for some fun!