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The Best Interior Home Design Trends for 2018

Sometimes, even the most comfortable living spaces need to be updated to give a fresh look. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the options, so we’ve compiled the biggest interior design trends of 2018 to give you a head start.

Brass Accents

Brass accents are easy to find on antique furniture, but they’re less common today. Now they’re making a comeback—as silver and gold accents start to fade and warm, subtle brass tones come back to the forefront. We advise ditching the expected stainless steel for a unique accent that can tie a room together.

Natural Elements

Floral prints and flower crowns are making a comeback in the fashion industry, but they’re also making a splash in the interior design market as well. We find that natural accents, such as artificial or real plants or even furniture made out of natural limestone or other rustic materials, can give spaces a more earthy tone while still staying modern.

Shapely Furniture

Curvy couches or bending bookshelves may have been big in the ’70s, but they’ve largely fallen off of the market until now. These shapely looks can add a soft and polished tone. We recommend choosing one statement piece, like a sofa with a curved back, and accenting it with other geometric shapes, like round accent tables.

Stylish Storage

Gone are the days when all of your vintage jewelry, seasonal clothing, and beloved dinnerware sets must be shoved into an attic or pushed into a closet. We’ve discovered that modern storage pieces allow all of these things to be easily accessible while incorporating style into a room. From an intricately designed buffet to unique and architectural shelving, it’s time to bring the storage back to the forefront.

Although the trends are always changing, there’s one thing that is constant: It’s always more affordable to buy from a consignment store. If you want to incorporate these new trends into your home, find your nearest Home Consignment Center today! With expansive locations across California and Texas, you’ll find new treasures and the latest trends on every visit.