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The emerald gemstone jewelry photo with dark lighting background.

The Birthstone of May

May is a beautiful month, with flowers in bloom and warm weather replacing the capricious dampness of April. It’s only fitting, then, that May’s birthstone should be the emerald, an eye-catching stone with many unique properties. How much do you know about the emerald? We’ve got some facts that may surprise you.

Did you know that gems have meaning, grounded in ancient tradition? Depending on who you ask, the word emerald comes from the Greek word “smaragdos” or perhaps the Sanskrit “marakata”, meaning “the greenest thing.” though in Persia it was called “Zabargat” and in Arabia, “Zamarut.” Pliny the Elder wrote in the first century of the emerald that “nothing grows greener,” and the French pulled the word esmeraude from the Latin Esmeralda. It’s easy to see how that became emerald. No matter what it’s called, this beautiful stone is a variety of beryl that ranges from light green to a highly-treasured deep green.

The oldest emeralds are nearly 3 billion years old, and the stone has been popular since the days that Cleopatra wore it regularly in ancient Egypt. Royalty has valued emeralds ever since, with one notable example being the Greville Kokoshnik emerald tiara first given to Queen Elizabet in 1942, and recently worn by Princess Eugenie of York at her 2018 wedding. All throughout history, the emerald has been treasured, and in the art deco era, emeralds were used in many unique pieces, including brooches, necklaces, earrings, and rings. Today, these art deco pieces can often be found where vintage jewelry is sold.

Emeralds are rumored to have qualities that go beyond their aesthetic appeal. In fact, emeralds are said to have healing properties, helping promote calm and release negative energy. They’re believed to alleviate stress and are called “the stone of successful love” because they’re meant to bring domestic bliss, helping you open your heart and love others as well as yourself.  Emeralds are even thought to bring good fortune, bringing vision and dreams to fruition and working things in your favor when you have one of these beautiful stones in your possession.

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