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Tips for Decorating a Coffee Table

The coffee table isn’t just a convenient place to set your drink

The coffee table isn’t just a convenient place to set your drink—it’s also a living room focal point, with decor you can swap out as often as you’d like. Here are some ideas of what to set on your coffee table so it looks decorated, not cluttered.

  • Pictures of loved ones: One easy way to personalize your living room is to display photos of family and friends on the coffee table. Two-sided standing photo albums or photo cubes are the most aesthetic options for viewing the photographs from any angle.
  • Books: A stack of visually pleasing hardback books is the perfect accent for any coffee table. Novels are fine, but whimsical books with fast facts or trivia can be conversation starters for when visitors drop by.
  • Bowls: Place a large statement bowl on the coffee table, or set a smaller bowl atop a stack of books. Whatever you choose, fill the bowls with decorative balls, beads, faux flowers, or other accents that match your decor.
  • Trays: Small trays are useful for organizing TV remotes, transporting drinks, or serving food. When not in use, trays simply appear decorative, making them a multipurpose coffee table accessory.
  • Natural elements: Books and trays have smooth, slick surfaces, so be sure to add a bit of texture for visual interest. Wood blocks, wicker baskets, clay candleholders, and other natural elements are perfect options.
  • Houseplants or flowers: A small potted plant or vase of fresh-cut flowers are an easy way to bring the outside in. A bit of nature creates softness and balance, just what you need to contrast the sleek coffee table surface.
  • Holiday decorations: Take advantage of your coffee table as an extra surface to display special decor around the holidays. Your living room will feel extra festive with faux pumpkins, orange candles, and cornucopias in the fall. Then, transition to pinecones, holly branches, and bowls of ornaments in the winter.

No matter what items you choose to display on the coffee table, keep these additional decorating tips in mind:

  • Use a mix of shapes, materials, and colors for visual interest.
  • Tell a story by decorating your coffee table with personal objects.
  • If you don’t like “clutter,” feel free to take a minimalist approach. Besides, it never hurts to have an empty surface to set something down when your hands are full.
  • Be yourself! Whatever appeals to you, use your coffee table to show it off. If you’re not sure what you like, search for inspiration online and in stores, and then replicate it.

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