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Wabi-Sabi: The 2018 Home Design Trend You Cannot Miss

As Americans have become more aware of their habits of conspicuous consumption, the sheer modesty of Wabi-Sabi has elevated it to the elites of interior design. Wabi-Sabi thrives on the authentic, and our team at Home Consignment Center is excited to see how you translate it into your space! Learn more about the home décor industry’s hottest trend in 2018.

Origin and Meaning of Wabi-Sabi

Wabi-Sabi originated in Japan, where “Wabi” means modesty and simplicity and “Sabi” refers to beauty in natural growth and decay. Wabi-Sabi is not negligent, slovenly, or messy. Instead, its worn-in and aged items are mere reflections of the time and care they’ve received through the years. In interior decorating, the blend of Wabi and Sabi translates into a home décor that’s sparse, tranquil, and uncluttered while looking and feeling lived in.

Old, Tried-and-True Materials

Associated as it is with such words as authentic, weathered, and handmade, Wabi-Sabi furniture and items are made of natural woods, linens, wools, iron, and stone. All show the wear, tears, nicks, and scratches of time. And each item has its purpose, from the old iron mailbox to the reclaimed wood dining room table to the ceramic jug that completes the kitchen. All are essential because, with Wabi-Sabi, less is more.

Colors and Light

Wabi-Sabi embraces such earthy colors as brown, gray, and green, often combined with a neutral off-white to complement the natural décor of a particular room or area. While Wabi-Sabi light tends to be muted or shadowy, mirrors are used to reflect the light available. If the light is too harsh, it can be diffused with thin, gauzy curtains.

Pottery Glory

Just about any item becomes more Wabi-Sabi with time, and handmade, imperfect pottery leads the way. When shopping for new treasures, we recommend seeking out trays and vases with beautiful, one-of-a-kind imperfections. Look for the hand-thrown bowl to add to the coffee table or that antique lamp for the bedroom.

Wabi-Sabi is a style of décor that adds a soul to your home by celebrating its age and the beauty of nature in its rawest form. To add a touch of Wabi-Sabi to your home, find the nearest Home Consignment Center to browse through the thousands of new items arriving at our shops daily. You can even contact us to learn about consigning your furniture, décor items, and more.