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Start Selling Your Unique Treasures with Our Consignment Experts

Consignment sounds undeniably attractive. Declutter your home, sell your fine items, and get paid. With consignment, you can constantly refresh your home décor and jewelry collection. But your items will not go to waste, as they will end up in the hands of like-minded individuals looking to upgrade their style. But where to begin? The Home Consignment Center in California and Texas is here to help! For more than 25 years, we have been the consignment resource for affluent customers looking to update their style and transform their homes. We specialize in the consignment of fine furniture, precious stones and fine jewelry, art, home décor, and more. But more than just our consignment services, we also offer in-depth guidance, insight, and expertise on the marvels of the business. We work with all our customers to make the consignment process simple, fast, lucrative, and hassle-free. The Home Consignment Center offers a new vision on transforming an interior using the highest-quality items and a fun, lively way for you to make more through sales of your previously-loved treasures. Contact us today to get started with your easy consignment, and let us be your expert guides.

Getting Started in Consignment

At the Home Consignment Center, our consigners are also our best customers. We have thousands of upscale items of every style and period coming through our doors every day. These precious treasures find new homes in the most stylish interiors and give new customers the personalized accents they have always wanted. Almost all of them started somewhere with their first consignment with us as their partner. As a premier consignment house with 15 locations in two states and multiple cities, we share our expertise and make the consignment process fun and valuable. Whether you’re selling fine furniture, vintage or contemporary jewelry, exquisite art, or tasteful home décor, our specialists guide you through our multi-step process from start to finish. Our company makes things easy and opens your eyes to all the fun, exciting advantages consignment can offer. To get started in consignment, there are some simple steps everyone can follow:

  • Submit Your Request Online: The Home Consignment Center simplifies your experience from the start by offering several ways to submit your items for consignment. Include an accurate description, notes on each item’s condition, and try and include at least one photograph (or multiple views) of the item. You can submit photos of your listings to us via email. Simply check the store location page for contact information. As soon as we receive your message, we will call you to talk about what you have. You can also bring your hard copy photos into one of our store locations, we will take a look and talk to you about your options. Or you can always bring in your items to the store for evaluation as well. There are no appointments necessary. If you have larger items, we will set up a free in home preview appointment with you to evaluate your items. All of this is so that we can ensure we will be able to sell your items on consignment and determine the appropriate sale prices.
  • Evaluation: Our team members are experts at evaluating pieces to determine a price that our buyers and consignors will appreciate. HCC consignment specialists receive hundreds of items a day, so they know how to price items accurately. Simply let us know what you have, and we will price it
  • Approval and Scheduling: Once items are accepted for consignment, we invite you to bring them to our store at your convenience. If you are unable to do so, we will help arrange transportation through a moving company that offers our clients a special rate. All consignment furniture and items should have pre-approval before being delivered to the Home Consignment Center. Specific policies may differ from store to store, so please contact your local Home Consignment Center for confirmation or more information.
  • Showcasing: Once your items have made it to the store, we make the magic happen for you! We will display them prominently in our expansive showroom and do our best to promote and sell your items. The Home Consignment also spends millions every year on advertising and marketing, so your furniture, consignment jewelry, accent, or art always gets the attention it deserves. The median turnaround time for a sale is approximately 14 days.
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Pricing Your Consignment Items

Pricing for consignment items varies on the condition, age, current retail prices, brand, style, and market demand on your item. It only helps your consignment if you can tell us how much you originally paid for the item, where it was purchased from, and any other specific information. The Home Consignment Center has an excellent understanding of the resale market and the amounts, historically, our affluent clients are willing to pay. Our experts have developed strategic pricing processes that make valuations fair and profitable for you and will incorporate those ranges in our efforts to price your items correctly. Final pricing is at our discretion, but we do everything we can to ensure your ideal consignment and sales experience and make you one of our loyal customers for life.

Price Markdowns & Negotiations

We will accurately price your items and reach an agreement before putting them on our showroom floor. This eliminates any concerns about haggling with customers and marking down items without your awareness. Pricing is among the most critical elements of consignment, and we are experts. Our team recognizes if items are priced too high, they will not sell. But if they are priced too low, you are leaving money on the table. We will find the sweet spot to ensure you receive the most value out of your consignment experience.


Getting Paid for Your Consignment

When your items sell, we pay you. The sales are fast here, and so are the payouts. As a consignor, you receive 50% of the net proceeds. Net proceeds include proportionate deduction for credit card services. We guarantee you will be paid within 30 days of a sale. It’s that simple. Feel free to contact us for any additional information on payment times.

Contact Us for All Your Consignment Needs

Now that you have an idea of how consignment works, it’s time to jump in with the Home Consignment Center! We have the most extensive inventory of luxury items across 15 locations in Northern California, Southern California, and major cities throughout Texas. Our experts will always work with you to ensure you have the easy, profitable experience you want for your treasured possessions and make you one of our loyal customers. Contact us to get started and discover a better way to transform your style.