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Consigning Furniture

How to Consign Your Furniture and Accessories

We understand your time is valuable so we make consigning easy, simple and fast. Consigning with HCC is fun, our customers love the way they’re able to exchange items in their home for fun new pieces to create an exciting new look. Exotic goods, rare heirlooms, unusual decor: we accept all kinds of furniture at our showrooms.

How Does Furniture Consignment Work?

We make consigning furniture simple. You have a few options to get the ball rolling.

  • You’re always welcome to bring items to the store any time; no appointment necessary.
  • You can call your local Home Consignment Center and discuss what you have.
  • You can text or email your local store photos of the item you’d like to consign.
  • You can schedule a FREE in-home preview and we’ll come see the items at no charge.

What if My Item Doesn’t Sell?

Our consignment contract lasts 45 days. Over 80% of items sell within the first two to three weeks. But in the rare event they don’t, we can either reduce the price or you can pick it up. We can also donate the item on your behalf and send you a tax form.

Consignment Pickup & Delivery

Can’t bring your items to our store? We offer convenient pickup services. Once your items have been approved by our staff, we can start arranging transportation. Pickup pricing and details differ from store to store. Call your local HCC more information.

Find Your Store Download a Copy of Our Contract