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Antique and Vintage Consignment Furniture in CA and TX

Vintage and antique pieces of furniture tell a story. Each piece is rich with unique features that tell the tale of a time from our shared past. Whether it’s a couch from 1960 or a desk from 1860, you can always find a rich assortment of antique and vintage consignment furniture at our Home Consignment Center locations across California and Texas. Visit one of our many locations and discover a unique piece of furniture with a vintage or antique style.

Detail of an ancient italian furniture just restored - Italian culture

Our Vintage and Antique Furniture Includes

You never know what you will find in our vintage and antique consignment furniture sections. Our stores offer much more than just furniture, with a rotating selection of select pieces of jewelry, décor, and more. Even our stock of vintage and antique furniture changes from one day to another. That means you could find anything the next time you stop by our store. Some of our vintage and antique furniture may include:

  • Couches and sofas
  • Desks
  • Coffee tables
  • Record players
  • Cabinets
  • Bookshelves
  • Dining room sets
  • Chairs and seating
  • And much more!

What’s the Difference Between Vintage and Antique Furniture?

Vintage and antique furniture have very similar stylistic and aesthetic characteristics, but there is a slight difference. Antique furniture is traditionally considered older than vintage furniture. Anything older than 100 years is antique, while items from more than two decades ago are considered vintage. For example, a bookshelf from the 1910s would be an antique, while a dining room set from the 1970s would be vintage. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter too much. What really matters is finding something that suits your style. In many cases, vintage items can be more valuable than antiques.


Swap Out Your Furniture Anytime You Want

At Home Consignment Center, we buy and sell furniture, allowing you to exchange your furniture for something fresh anytime you want. Customers regularly use our store to update their furniture seasonally, allowing them ultimate control over their interior design. By placing your current furniture on consignment and purchasing a new piece from our floor, you can offset the cost of new furniture or possibly even make money!

Browse for New Furniture Everyday

When you visit one of our consignment stores, it may seem like you never see the same thing twice. We carefully refresh our stock of furniture on a daily basis, which means you are sure to see countless new items every time you visit. As consignors bring us new pieces of antique and vintage furniture, we find new treasures on an ongoing basis. Don’t miss out on discovering your new favorite piece of stylistically aged furniture. The only way to know what we have today is to visit the store yourself!

A Consignment Center for Communities Across CA and TX

People love visiting our consignment centers so much that it has allowed us to establish roots in communities all across California and Texas. In Northern California, you can find amazing pieces of vintage and antique furniture at our Campbell, San Rafael, Danville, Folsom, and San Carlos locations. In Southern California, we have stores in Calabasas, Laguna Niguel, Newport/Irvine, San Diego, Yorba Linda, and Torrance. Our Lone Star State locations include Austin/Mopac, Austin/Beecave, Dallas/McKinney, Houston/The Woodlands, and San Antonio. No matter which Home Consignment Center location you visit, you’re sure to find a treasure trove of fantastic furniture from times throughout history.

Shop for Vintage and Antique Items Today!

Whether you are coming to us selling furniture or buying furniture, we welcome you with a fun and exciting atmosphere. You can trust our decades of experience with jewelry consignment, furniture consignment, and other consignment services across the country. There’s always a hidden gem waiting to be uncovered. So, don’t wait another minute. Visit us today!