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Home Consignment Center Has a Chair for You

The seating in your home says a lot about you. Whether it’s a recliner or an armchair completely changes the style of a room. Home Consignment Center offers seating on consignment in California and Texas. Our stores help you buy furniture and sell furniture like seating. If you’ve just gotten tired of a chair, you can swap it out for a new one by putting it on consignment. Your seating says a lot. Make sure it’s saying the right thing!

Choosing the Right Accent Chair for Your Living Room

How Many Different Types of Chairs Are There?

The idea of a chair is simple, but there are thousands of unique designs for seating. Luckily, you can find almost any form of seating at our stores, from couches to desk chairs. You will also find chairs with artistic designs that support specific styles. Some of the types of seating we carry include:

  • Desk chairs
  • Recliners
  • Reading chairs
  • Club chairs
  • Wingback chairs
  • Armchairs
  • Rocking chairs
  • Ladderback chairs
  • Barrel chairs
  • Lounge chairs with ottomans
  • Loveseats
  • And more!

Why Seating Is Important?

Some people might wonder why seating is so important. They’re just chairs, right? Wrong! Whether you’re looking for seating in the living room or the office, it’s crucial that you find the right type of seating. Stylistic decisions must be made with every chair, as they are often some of the main fixtures in a room. You must also consider comfort and ergonomics. Everyone shares the experience of seeing a lovely-looking chair, only to sit down on an uncomfortable lump of upholstery. So, consider all these things when selecting the replacement seats for your home.

See New Seating Daily

When it comes to furniture, we have about as many seating options as you can hope to find anywhere. Customers enjoy browsing our stores daily, looking for new seats we have put on display. Whether you visit daily, weekly, or monthly, you will surely find a collection of novel seating items that will tempt you to take them home.

Antique and Vintage Seating

When you buy an antique or vintage chair, you add a piece of historical beauty to your home. Whether you want a desk chair from a clerk’s office 100 years ago or a lounge chair that reminds you of the 70s, our antique seating options always offer something priceless. These items are almost always out of production, making them very hard to find anywhere else.


We Offer More Than Just Chairs and Seating

Home Consignment Center is known for carrying a treasure trove of miscellaneous items. While we ensure that you only find high-quality merchandise, we also select items from various categories. Many people come to us shopping for furniture and are shocked to see that we carry jewelry and an assortment of other useful and unique items. So, if you enjoy the thrill of shopping for novel items, you’ll love visiting our store!

Buy or Sell Your Seating Today!

If you have seating that you no longer use, you can turn it into a profit through the use of our consignment services. We will put your item on the floor and give you a percentage of the purchase price once it is sold. It’s that simple. This is especially useful when replacing furniture, allowing you to turn your existing furniture into the seating you want. Join us today for a fun-filled treasure hunt!