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Buying Furniture at Home Consignment Center Is an Adventure

Nothing is as fun and exciting as finding the perfect table for a room. Whether you’re looking for a coffee table, end table, or kitchen table, Home Consignment Center in California and Texas is the place to go. With a rotating selection of furniture on consignment, buying furniture at our store is a unique experience every single day. Here’s a pro tip. If you bring your old tables to us for consignment, then you can swap them out for new tables from our store, making remodeling easier than ever before!

More Types of Tables Than You Thought

It’s easy to forget how many tables your home actually has. Just replacing the tables in each room can give your home design a facelift. You can do just that at our store because we have all sorts of tables. Find a patio table in our outdoor furniture section or uncover a rustic kitchen table. When you visit our store, you just might find anything! Some of the types of tables you might see include:

  • Kitchen tables
  • Coffee tables
  • End tables
  • Accent tables
  • Console table
  • Nesting tables
  • Foyer tables
  • Dining tables
  • Bedside tables
  • Patio tables
  • And much more!

New Tables on Consignment Every Day

As a consignment furniture store, we are constantly buying and selling furniture, so you will always find a new selection of incredible items at our stores. You truly never know what you are going to find. If you want to find a rare table, you can find new ones every day. This makes exploring our stores a thrill. Browse regularly and visit multiple locations to maximize your chances of finding a hidden gem!

Selling Furniture on Consignment to Keep Your Home Trendy

Have you ever wondered how some people keep their homes so trendy? Many of them use a consignment furniture store to make seasonal upgrades easy and exciting. When you put your old tables on consignment, you can buy new tables that same day. Looking through our store, you will find inspiration from the many different types of tables. When you find the table you want, you can take it home with you that same day.

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How Does the Consignment Process Work?

If you have never sold furniture or jewelry on consignment before, you’re missing out! It’s a fun and profitable way to get rid of your furniture anytime you’re ready to upgrade to something new. The process of consigning a table for furniture involves:

  • Evaluation: You can email your local store or bring your items directly to the store. An experienced pricing specialist will look over your jewelry or furniture and give you an accurate quote for it.
  • Transporting the Item: Once we have accepted the items, we can arrange for delivery. Please, do not schedule delivery unless we have approved it ahead of time.
  • Showcasing: We’ll find the best place in our showroom for your furniture or jewelry, making sure it’s seen by all of our daily shoppers. Most items are sold within 14 days.

Accessories for Your New Table

One of the perks of shopping at an eclectic store like ours is finding everything you need in one place. When you find the table you want, you can get all the other items you need to go with it. We have various chairs, stools, and benches. You can also find accent pieces like vases, bowls, trays, and candle holders. You can decorate and design your table here in the store and buy all the accents to go with it.

The Perfect Patio Table for Your Next Get-Together

While searching through our consignment furniture stores, you’ll uncover a lot of patio tables and outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture is essential for summer barbecues and moonlit nightcaps. You’ll be able to find all sorts of patio tables, from intimate tables for two to tables big enough for the whole family. When it is time to upgrade your patio furniture, you can sell it on consignment with us to offset the price of your new patio set.

Visit an Exciting Consignment Furniture Store!

Every visit to Home Consignment Center is an exhilarating treasure hunt. The possibilities are endless. When you consider the fantastic tables you might find, you realize that a single trip to our store has the potential to level up your entire home’s interior design. Whether you’re just browsing or shopping for something specific, we invite you to visit one of our locations and see what treasures you can find!