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Frequently Asked Consignment Shopping Questions 

The Home Consignment Center has a full inventory of beautiful and often unexpected treasures. From our daily truckloads, you’ll find everything from upscale home furnishings and stunning furniture to accessories, fine jewelry, beautiful art, and home décor. All of the items we sell in our 15 locations across California and Texas are always of the highest quality and come from various periods and styles, from vintage and antique to contemporary and prototypical models.

We want your shopping experience with us to last for life as one of our valued customers, so we do everything we can to educate you, guide you with professional insight, and even surprise you in all the best ways. This includes answering all the questions you have concerning shopping with us here at the Home Consignment Center. We want to set the right expectations to ensure an ideal experience every time.

We invite you to review some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions below, then contact us to get started with your own unique shopping and consignment experience.

What Is Your Return Policy?

Our entire showroom is filled with product brought to us and owned by consignors. Once an item sells, we compensate the consignor. As such, we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges. This is why we offer our customers a free 24-hour hold on many of the items in our stores. Therefore, if you find something you love, let our staff know and we will place a yellow label on the item(s), deeming it off limits to the rest of our customers. We also offer free 24 Hour Test Drives. This allows you to bring items home and test them out in your space to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Will You Hold an Item for Me?

Yes! We offer free 24-hour holds for when you fall in love with something in one of our stores and want dibs. After 24 hours the item or items will be released and once again available to the thousands of customers coming into our locations every day to browse, shop, discover hidden treasures, and make purchases. So, grab what you can when you see it and we’ll keep it safe so you can go home and find the perfect spot for your item(s) on hold.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

The Home Consignment Center strives to make your shopping experience with us fun, easy, and exciting. We think payment should never get in the way of bringing home the treasures you love. That is why we accept cash, personal checks (with proper identification), and major credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard.



Do You Offer Delivery? How Much Does It Cost?

We can put you in touch with transportation companies that offer special rates to pick up and deliver large consignment items. We are also happy to help facilitate these arrangements on your behalf with a professional, bonded, and insured moving company. Rates will be based on size, scale, location, and labor. Contact us to find out more about our role in the process.

Will You Help Load My Items If I Come to Pick Them Up?

We have a few options in this department. Home Consignment Center team members are happy to help load your items in the vehicle of your choosing. When you are buying furniture or other items, we do recommend making sure you have the proper transportation. We can provide you with rolling carts, sliders, and other equipment to make things easier if you prefer to load items yourself. Home Consignment Center staff do not disassemble items. Please bring proper tools, blankets, packing materials, rope, tie-downs, and more for transportation. We are always happy to help you make moving arrangements with local, reputable companies in the area as well.

How Long Do I Have to Pick Up an Item After I Have Purchased It?

The Home Consignment Center asks that you make arrangements to pick up your items as soon as possible due to our showroom space constraints. Items not retrieved within a week will be subject to storage charges. Items will remain on the showroom floor until they are retrieved, and we are not responsible for any incurred damages within that time frame. All sales are final and are sold in “as-is” condition.

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Contact The Home Consignment Center for the Answers You Need

The Home Consignment Center has an incredible inventory of the most sought after, upscale items at the very best consignment prices. Our staff is always standing by to educate you about our process and make your consignment and buying experience the very best it can be. We invite you to come in and explore our treasure troves at one of our 15 locations across California and Texas and update your style in all the best ways. Contact us today for more information or begin your consignment journey with us.